The Client Experience

It's About More Than Just Your Finances

Can a wealth management firm really create a unique “client experience”?

We believe the answer is yes.

You will always receive best-in-class wealth management services such as financial planning, professionally prepared investment portfolios, tax planning, insurance, estate planning, etc. (See our 5 Step Process) However, we care about more than just your finances.

What We Do Differently

The Client Experience

  • Life enhancement strategies
  • Money Concierge™ services
  • Boutique style service
  • Financial education
  • Personalized goal tracking
  • Milestone celebrations
  • Money coaching
  • Health & Wealth connections
  • Philanthropic support
  • Eco-conscious approach

Our 5 Step Wealth Management Process

We build trusted relationships for life. That starts by understanding you and your family, your past experiences, your fears and your aspirations. This is how we turn dreams into reality.

Life is unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan for the unforeseen. By making sure you have safety nets in place, we can then focus on growing your wealth…worry free.

Do you wonder if you are doing the right thing with your money? This is where we put your mind at rest. By having a financial plan to follow, we have a blueprint for growth.

We host all kinds of events designed to improve your financial literacy, make connections with people who share similar passions, help out in the community, improve your physical health, or just for fun.

How will you leave your wealth, business, or vacation property to the next generation? What family heirlooms are important to you? What charities do you support? The importance of legacy means that we will talk about things like your Will and Power of Attorney, business succession planning, charitable giving, special family circumstances and caring for a disabled child. We will even discuss stories and values you wish to pass on.

Client Benefits

Perhaps the single greatest benefit to our clients is that we encourage successful investing behaviour. The second thing we do is keep you focused on your goals, even when your emotions would like to take over.

Many of our clients want to enjoy life, not manage money. We make it easy for them to delegate their wealth management to us and free up time for life’s more important things.

Even though the Internet allows everyone access to financial information, it takes a great deal of work to separate what’s useful from what’s not. We filter this for our clients, so that they can make informed decisions that are in-line with their financial goals.

We build trusting relationships for life. Our clients get lots of “sleep factor” because we offer them peace of mind and a sense of security by having a professional financial plan in place. They also know that they can rely on us for more than just wealth management.