Priscilla DeOliveira


Priscilla DeOliveira

In the industry since: 2010

My best financial decision: Changing career and entering the financial industry.

Background: Prior to working at Scotia I was a hair stylist. The best part of both my old and new jobs is the relationships I have formed with clients and their families.

Family Roots: I am Fluent in Portuguese and English. My mother is from Brazil. My father and husband are both from Portugal. I am lucky enough to have seen all of Portugal including the islands, and I often visit to see my family.

I have yet to see: Spain, France, Italy and Greece, to marvel at the ancient monuments full of Europe’s history.

Personal interests: Aside from my passion for finance, I bake varieties of cakes and pastries with my husband. I often come home to the scent of warm baked goods…it is really hard to resist eating the mistakes! I also like to dance, visit art galleries, and read self-improvement books.

Who I am: I am a family oriented, positive thinker who embraces change, loves to learn new things, and does everything with heart. I am married to Ricardo and our family dog is named Mimo.