What is women and wealth®?

What is women and wealth®?

Wealth management for women and families

It’s a first in Canada! Women and Wealth® is a brand new boutique style branch, providing professional wealth management to women and their families.

It’s a place where conversations are focused on your life events and important goals. In fact, it’s more than that…it’s also an educational centre for financial literacy and a place to highlight philanthropy within our community.

Women and Wealth ® is designed to address some of the unique financial planning concerns women may have, such as:

  • Longevity issues
  • Lower pension amounts
  • Years out of the workforce (caring for children or aging parents)
  • Becoming suddenly single
  • How to leave a meaningful legacy

Femmes and Finances™

Spécialiste en gestion de patrimoine pour familles

Née au Canada, de mère française, Natalie est fière de sa double nationalité. Elle a vécu sa jeunesse à Montréal et a fait ses études d’université en Suisse. Elle habite maintenant à Oakville avec son mari et ses deux filles.

Si vous êtes une famille francophone, on est prêt à vous aider dans votre langue de choix. Contactez nous par couriel ou téléphone.

What do we do different?

We are the go-to resource centre for all things financial. (Think of us as a Money Concierge™). We manage relationships as well as investment portfolios. We listen to you and we explain concepts in simple terms that are understandable. Our goal is to make wealth management educational and engaging.

We believe in creating a “client experience” that is unforgettable. We do this by offering an environment that is welcoming and modern. We then combine this with our customized wealth management, education delivery, and unique events, to go beyond your expectations.

Who do we serve?

As a busy career woman or entrepreneur, when do you find the time, energy and passion for planning your financial future? Would you like to delegate some of these responsibilities so that when you spend time away from work, you are enjoying yourself? Find the right balance between work and life with the help of a Women and Wealth ® advisor. You’ll find us at the corner of Happiness and Success.

Family Wealth Management is about creating a vision for how you want to live your life, leaving a legacy and protecting your family. So what does Family Wealth Management encompass?

  • Managing multi-generational assets
  • Comprehensive financial planning to achieve your top 3 goals
  • Reducing taxes
  • Retirement and education savings
  • Risk management
  • Vacation homes or travel
  • Teaching your children financial responsibility
  • Effective use of surplus assets
  • Charitable giving
  • Will and estate planning

Note: Wealth Management services are available in English or French.

Mothers are at the centre of every family, emotionally and financially. You often act as the CFO (Chief Financial Officer), in charge of deciding how your wealth should best be placed. Whether it’s preparing for a maternity leave, paying for private school, or buying a bigger house to accommodate your growing family, you always prioritize based on what’s important to you. But sometimes, you need a little help seeing the big picture. A good financial plan is like completing a puzzle; it only comes together once all the pieces are in place. This is where I can help you. Plus, I understand all about competing priorities as I’m a mom too!

Philanthropy is a way of life. It’s a value you hold. You do it because you believe it makes a difference. You support what you are passionate about and in the process you create a legacy that can continue for generations. The “Power of the Purse” can create positive change in the world…we see it happen every day!

Philanthropic discussions with your Women and Wealth ® advisor include:

  • Donation of stocks in kind
  • Family foundations
  • Evaluation of charities to support
  • How to involve your children or grandchildren in the process
  • Estate and tax efficient strategies
  • Women and Wealth ® advisors also support clients by contributing personally to their causes, attending charity events, volunteering, and spreading the word in our communities.

Do you see yourself as an independent and confident woman? If you are not quite there yet, then we can help. You are always welcome to visit with any other trusted advisor(s), such as your friends, family members, lawyer, accountant, etc.

Here are some topics we often discuss:

  • Simplifying your financial life
  • Protecting what you have now or in the future
  • Creating additional income
  • Making sense of all the paperwork
  • Educating you on investment choices
  • Discussing what insurance you need

Getting older is sometimes scary, but not if you have a financial plan and a trusted advisor on your side. With a blend of patience and personal service, we answer all your questions along the way.

Questions seniors ask:

  • How will I maintain my lifestyle during retirement?
  • What happens if my health fails?
  • How can I transfer wealth to the next generation?
  • Do I have flexibility to access a portion of my portfolio tomorrow?

Questions baby boomers ask:

  • How can I help Mom / Dad manage their finances?
  • Where can I get information on long-term care?
  • What types of income investments should I consider?
  • How can I make a portfolio worry-free?
  • How do I minimize taxes?